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Critical Role of Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance

The need for a commercial refrigeration repair service is not limited only to when equipment breaks down. It should cover preventative maintenance as well. Because a poorly maintained industrial or brewery refrigeration system waste energy and money, maintenance and repair should be a top priority.

Why prioritise refrigeration maintenance?

Increase equipment working life

Pharmaceutical cool rooms, controlled ambient stores, freezer rooms, and cold rooms can last up to 30 years with correct maintenance. Considering that such equipment represents a significant financial investment, you can’t afford to not make it last long enough to recoup what you invested and even longer.

Comply with legislation and regulations

The Australian Refrigeration Council set explicit requirements and standards for working and using refrigeration systems and refrigerants. Businesses that acquire, dispose, or possess fluorocarbon refrigerant, for example, must hold Refrigerant Trading Authorisation.

If they only hold a Restricted Refrigerant Trading Authorisation, a business is not allowed to acquire or purchase bulk refrigerant used in cylinders or winery refrigeration systems.

Spare you from the cost of equipment breakdown

When a refrigeration system stops working due to problems in the evaporator or condenser, your business operation will be affected. Every minute or hour of downtime is money down the drain.

Can you afford an expensive downtime?

If you can’t, preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your commercial refrigeration system running at peak performance and to avoid costly equipment breakdowns.

Spare you from expensive running cost

Poorly maintained brewery refrigeration systems, for example, will run inefficiently and have a higher risk of breaking down at some point. They’re likely to consume up to 50% of energy yet work less efficiently than they’re supposed to.

But with regular servicing, the systems can save you up to 10% on your energy bills. Which option is way cooler?

Make sure to sign up for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) so that maintenance servicing follows a schedule that is convenient for you and according to equipment requirements.

Common Problems Commercial Refrigeration Repair Can Fix


When frost or ice forms in commercial refrigeration equipment and its various components, there could be a problem with the airflow or it has a refrigerant leak. Better have it checked right away.

Temperature Drops

Is the commercial refrigeration equipment cold enough or not? If it is the latter, there are several causes you can look into, such as bad door seal or refrigerant leaks. It is highly recommended to have a trained professional evaluate rather than make guesses.

Noisy Operation

Sound is natural coming from a refrigeration system’s fans, compressor, motors, and other mechanical components. Excessive noise, however, is unnatural.

Hire Refrigeration Specialists

A company that offers 24-hour, year-round emergency breakdown service is the best business partner you can ask for. They will get your refrigeration system up and running and minimise downtime.

Make sure they also carry out preventative maintenance for trouble-free and seamless business operation day in and day out. With unwanted breakdowns effectively avoided, you pay less on repair cost and earn more profit. For more details, visit their website at:

And whenever you need compressor overhauls service, the same company should provide it as well.

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